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Magic in the Sky Lighting
Helping put the sparkle into magic of Christmas


Each strand is full wave, UL rated, dimmable and can be used on a number of light controllers. Bulbs are sealed and the socket in a molded husk construction that seals the lead wires in as well. They are rated at 100,000 hours of life.

The wire is 22 Awg gauge. Bulbs are spaced 4 inches apart. The lead and tail are each 6 inches.

Regular Strand lengths are as follows:
35ct 11.33 feet bulb to bulb, 12.33 feet total
50ct 16.67 feet bulb to bulb, 17.67 feet total
70ct 23.33 feet bulb to bulb, 24.33 feet total
100ct 33.33 feet bulb to bulb, 34.33 feet total

C7 Stringer Strands are 16 feet bulb to bulb with 8" spacing, 17 feet total

70ct Icicles Strands: 2in bulb spacing on drops, 6in drop spacing; drops are 3, 5, and 6 light per drop. 7 feet bulb to bulb, 8 feet total